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Expectation & the Bowie anxiety

3 Nov

Can I watch a film every day for the foreseeable future, recording a review of each movie whilst documenting all of my psychological breakdowns that will inevitably accompany this avalanche of celluloid?

I have genuinely no idea how long I will be able to last so please follow for the upcoming weeks, months, years (?!) to check my progress and respond to my opinions. I’d appreciate as many comments as possible, recommending new films (because God knows I’ll need them) and condemning me for any misplaced rants.

My main fear is that after devouring hundreds of films, I will be numb to the power of David Bowie in Labyrinth, immune to the charm of this lord of the one-liner. So in the words of the goblin king himself  ‘the labyrinth is a piece of cake, is it? Well, let’s see how you deal with this little slice…’